We provide fulfillment services for the hospitality industry

ONDA HUB distributes over 500K accommodations across 200+ countries in the world.

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ONDA HUB에 등록된 50만+ 객실이
전 세계 200여 국가에서 오늘도 판매되고 있습니다.

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Solution - Hotel plus

Hotel plus is a smart supporting tool tailored for reservation departments at hotels for room sales and revenue management. Boost your sales, manage inventory and pricing by connecting with over 40 sales channels.

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Solution - PMS for all types

Choose the right PMS that fits your property. From hotel chains to small-scale boutiques, you can find a PMS that caters to the different needs of hotels and services to manage bookings and increase revenue.

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ONDA HUB is a general distribution sales system powered by ONDA’s technology
that successfully fulfills the needs of accommodations suppliers and sales channels,
currently selling over 40,000 accommodations through 40+ channels.

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About us

ONDA is committed to bringing the most central technology that reshapes the future and supports the continuous growth of hospitality to all players in the industry.

With a pioneering spirit, we aim to create new ways to lead sustainable growth. We will be your most trusted partner to help you focus on delivering the most memorable guest experiences to your customers.

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