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Why is Airbnb expanding to long-term rentals?

ONDA Weekly Hospitality News Briefing vol.1

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[Financial Times] Airbnb boss lays foundation for longer-term rentals

The concept of long-term stays and workations isn’t new but it has gained significant traction as remote work blossoms in the post-COVID-19 world.

Airbnb witnessed a robust 40% surge in bookings for stays extending a week or more in the last quarter of the previous year, compared to 2019. Long stays of 28 days and above? They made up a good 21% of all bookings, showcasing a rising affinity for extended stays.

In the wake of this trend, Airbnb is gearing up to elevate long-term rentals, weaving them into the core of their business offerings. They're not just stopping at weekly or monthly sojourns – envision having a cozy space for up to an entire year!

“Offering rentals of up to a year represents a huge opportunity,” Brian Chesky, Airbnb CEO, is brimming with enthusiasm.

And more, Airbnb is extending its embrace beyond accommodations. The company's expansion into car rentals, dining pop-ups, and other areas of travel has been announced.

💡Tech Trends

[ET Hospitality World] AI can complement, not replace, human capital in the hospitality industry

We've got some insights to share on the evolving role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in the hospitality sector. In an industry where personal touch and customization are golden, the introduction of AI and ML stirs up an interesting conversation.

AI has proven its mettle in predicting demand, crafting pricing strategies, enhancing customer service, and more. Yet, the irreplaceable human touch – characterized by empathy, creativity, and adaptability – remains central to delivering those unforgettable guest experiences.

Here’s a snapshot: AI is a whiz at handling routine tasks and offering data-backed recommendations, but for those moments that require a dash of empathy and a sprinkle of intuition, human staff continue to hold the fort. It's about striking that perfect balance!

AI is making waves in personalizing guest experiences, boosting operational efficiency, and even providing translation services for our international guests. Behind the scenes, it’s a game-changer in forecasting demand, optimizing prices, and ensuring compliance.

Decision-making gets a facelift with AI too! It’s about empowering teams with insights and foresight, blending the best of technology with human intelligence. Imagine AI handling routine inquiries and reservations, while the human team focuses on delivering that extra touch of personalized service.

Yet, caution is our companion on this AI journey. It’s essential to weigh the pros and cons, considering factors like guest preferences, human resources, training needs, and privacy concerns. Questions linger: Will AI elevate the guest experience or add a layer of complexity? Is it a solution to labor shortages or does it risk taking the ‘personal’ out of ‘personalized service’?

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