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How has the short-term rental industry moved after the pandemic?

ONDA Weekly Hospitality News Briefing vol.3

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Short-term rentals in the U.S. are increasingly popular, nearly doubling their market share from 8% in 2018 to 15% today, according to a report by AirDNA and STR. While hotels continue to dominate with an 85% share, short-term rentals have gained traction, particularly in less populated areas. 

Why is the short-term rental market gaining traction even though the pandemic is over?

Short-term rentals’ ability to cater to the “bleisure” trend – a blend of business and leisure travel – is noted as a significant factor in their rising popularity. Moreover, rentals in small city/rural areas have seen a 24% increase in demand, outperforming the hotel sector which remained stable.

Also, despite facing regulations in major cities, the appeal of these rentals has surged, attributed to travelers’ preference for personalized and spacious accommodations. 

While hotels continue their robust performance, the short-term rental industry is carving out its niche, powered by changing traveler preferences and the blending of business and leisure travel experiences.

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[Skift] How Payment Innovations Will Power the Connected Trip of the Future

Exciting changes are afoot in the travel industry, especially for the “blended travelers” who intertwine business and leisure in their journeys. Today, personalization and seamless experiences are not luxuries but necessities.

A new paradigm, coined as the “connected trip,” is dawning. It’s an ecosystem where every interaction, from the initial booking to on-the-go adjustments, is crafted to be effortless and attuned to each traveler's unique needs.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is steering this transformative wave, turning each trip into a highly customized experience. Imagine having itineraries, service offerings, and payment options tailored in real-time to your preferences and needs. This convergence heralded an era where every journey is as individual as the traveler undertaking it.

The evolution is underway, promising a future where every journey is a unique personalized experience.

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