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Impact of Google’s price comparison to vacation and short-term rentals

ONDA Weekly Hospitality News Briefing vol.4

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Google is introducing price comparisons for vacation and short-term rental searches. Users can now compare prices from various travel platforms for a specific property and make a booking. 

David Weiss, CEO of Whimstay, expressed his positive outlook on this development. He believes that this feature will not only foster consumer trust but also spur growth in the vacation rental sector.

Philip Kennard, founder of Futurestay, added that Google's new feature can significantly bolster the credibility of property listings. He said that it will extend beyond just showcasing the best prices to travelers, but also highlight the benefit from the trust and credibility hosts have cultivated on their OTA listings by comparing with their websites.

In conclusion, as the landscape of vacation rentals evolves, it's crucial for us to stay updated and consider diversifying our strategies. This is an opportune moment for hosts and property managers to broaden their horizons and leverage emerging channels.

💡Tech Trends

[Skift] How Technology Enables and Enhances the Human Touch

The travel and hospitality sector is currently undergoing significant shifts, with an enhanced emphasis on customer service due to emergent challenges. To address these, there's a notable move towards adopting advanced, cloud-based digital solutions to provide more streamlined support.

A recent survey conducted by Skift and AWS has brought to light an interesting trend: 66% of industry executives have identified customer service as their primary digital investment target for 2023. It's evident that cloud technology holds immense potential, not only in offering tailored customer service but also in ensuring operational agility.

However, it's worth noting that only 40% of these executives express confidence in their existing customer service platforms. This underscores the opportunity that cloud solutions present in enhancing the human-centric aspect of customer service. Furthermore, the automation of routine tasks through these technologies stands to elevate the overall guest experience.

In essence, cloud technology is poised to transition our operations from static methodologies to more dynamic and responsive ones. The overarching objective remains clear: to harness this technology in refining the guest experience, ensuring their continued preference for our establishment.

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