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Three Effective Strategies : Increase Repeat Bookings and Loyalty

Repeat bookings are particularly valuable as they cost less than acquiring new customers. Convert occasional vacationers into loyalty customers.

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Repeat bookings are particularly valuable as they signify customer satisfaction and cost less than acquiring new customers. To convert occasional vacationers into loyalty travelers, here are three effective strategies:

1️⃣ Successful travel businesses deeply understand their customers. Utilizing zero-party data from customer feedback can guide personalized recommendations. This information can be used to create personalized, attractive offers for customers who have just completed their trips.

2️⃣ Rewarding loyal customers is a smart move. Free upgrades, complimentary services, or special discounts tailored to their previous travel preferences can incentivize repeat bookings. Loyalty rewards encourage customers to continue booking with a brand.

3️⃣ Anticipating future bookings is key. Create multiple content variants and observe customer interactions to predict their preferences. Use this data to make personalized offers.

For travel businesses, rebookings are vital. By using automation and data to understand customer preferences and create personalized offers, businesses can maintain relevance and ensure repeat bookings from their customers.

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Hospitality industry is increasingly focusing on its mobile apps as crucial tools for guest engagement and loyalty throughout the entire process.

Mobile apps in hospitality have evolved from basic booking tools to encompass a wide range of functionalities, including contactless check-in, mobile keys, guest messaging, and more. These apps are becoming central to the guest experience and enhancing the overall travel experience. 

Major hotel brands like IHG, Hilton, Marriott, and Wyndham are continuously advancing their apps and integrating them with generative AI to further streamline and personalize the guest experience.

Gen AI is becoming a significant focus in the travel industry and its integration for natural language search and enhancing the guest experience. This technology can drive efficiency, improve guest experience, and even bridge the physical and digital aspects of hospitality.

The challenge, however, is training AI with quality data to ensure its effectiveness. The future of hotel apps could extend beyond the immediate travel purpose, engaging guests even when they're not traveling, and becoming the primary point of contact for destination travel experiences.

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